Before It’s Too Late

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You never know what you have until it’s gone.
“One doesn't recognize the really important moments in one's life until it's too late.” – Agatha Christie
Despite all of us being familiar to this infamous saying, we somehow still stubbornly choose to forget about it. Only when tragedy strikes, we cry and complain about how we were oblivious to all the good things we had before. Why is that? You would think that after a few times of it happening, we would have learned but we apparently don’t. We go through the same whole vicious cycle again and again.
By choosing to shove it out of your mind, you are only setting yourself up to be tormented in the near future. It is extremely easy to take things for granted, to feel that whatever you have going on for you is supposed to be that way instead of it being a luxury. Our complacency would get the better of us if we do not learn how to constantly appreciate everything around us.
What we currently have is not a right, it is a privilege. And the sooner everyone grasps that, the easier it will be to avoid unwanted conflicts and regrets. Open your eyes and see the wonderful things you have just right in front of you. Hold onto it with everything you got, you don’t want your complacency to remove and undo the strings latching your happiness to you. Never lose sight of the things precious to you, keep working to make it stay by your side, or at least learn how to appreciate what you have as much as you possibly can.
Look around you, take in everything. The way the wild flowers turn their faces up towards the sun. The gentle breeze of the wind in your hair. The sweet chirping of the little birds up in the sky. The touch of your loved one. Near, far and everything in between, there is always something to take delight in. Treasure these little things. Because it is all these seemingly inconsequential little aspects that when brought together, makes your life whole. Treasure what you have before it is too late.
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