Declutter your Desk

Our desk is often the place we get the most work done but it is also where we spend the least time clearing. As a result, many of us have disorganised tabletops. On the other hand, a well kept desk will have us wasting less time and frustration searching for stuff and does well for our mental wellness too. So here's a step-by-step guide on how to organize our work desks.

First, remove all unnecessary items. To some, this might just be the most difficult task yet. One way to decide if you should keep this item or not would be to ask yourself if you will be using it within six months. If you may need to use it once in a blue moon, you could choose to give it away to your housemates. Otherwise, give away items that are still in good condition and dump the rest.

Next, group things into categories. Items usually belong to two general categories: equipment and working material. There are always things that belong to neither here nor there. Have a holding area for such items and make sure you clear them regularly or once the container is filled.

Regardless whether these items are equipment or working material, decide which should be at your fingertips. Things that are used frequently or on a daily basis will claim a space on your desk while the rest either in the drawers (not daily but regularly), filed on the shelf (reference materials) or other storage areas (things of use fortnightly) you may have. An exception would be decorative items, which are good to have, but should be kept to a minimum.

Create your workflow. Just think those work organisation trays with three layers for namely input (to do), in process (action items), and done. The working area should not be filled with things but empty so that you could bring whatever you currently need to work on in front of you. For things that you are not done doing, you should still put them away so as not to distract you from what you should concentrate on at present. Instead of keeping everything you are currently working on on your desk, have your to do list remember them after putting them away.

Make adjustments and changes as you go about your daily tasks like arranging things that you use more often to be on the outer areas so they are more easily accessible. It will get easier as you go on!

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