Identify a Liar

Identify_a_LiarWhether negotiating an important work deal or determining if a new colleague's a friend or foe, being able to tell if someone is lying is a handy skill. Here are some tell tale signs.

In the Eye

Look the person in the eye. When someone is lying, they tend to be guilty and will not be able to face you directly. But that is not to say if someone stares right back at you, he must be telling the truth. Blank stares or multiple blinks may indicate covering up too.

Body Language

Our mouth may be saying one thing but the body may reveal hints of what the mind really thinks. Liars, especially beginners, tend to be nervous and hence fidget more. When this happens, they may have an expression out of the ordinary, odd laughter or their hands may feel the need to tap or twitch. Look out for these subconscious giveaways.

In the Details

When one speaks in exaggerated tone yet is vague in details, alarm bells should start ringing. Also, when questioned, if the other party gets extremely worked up or defensive, it might be because he has something to hide or protect.


Try phrasing your questions in different ways. If the responses are incoherent or varies beyond reason, there is a good chance the other party is lying. Lies are made up, and more lies have to be made to cover the tracks of the previous. The more questions you ask, the more chance of him screwing up and you catching him there will be.

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