Accept Compliments Graciously

When was the last time someone complimented you, be it for as minor a thing as a nice dress or a great report done at work? How did you respond to that compliment? Did you disagree with that or did you discount your work as something "anyone could have done"? Or worse, did you feel so awkward that you shied away to a corner? What exactly is the right way of replying to one's compliment(s)?

Well, accept them graciously and thank them for letting you know!

Here's one good reason why: It's rude! By dismissing or disagreeing with that person, especially when what he or she said is logical, you are saying they are either making a big fuss out of nothing or lying. Besides scaring them off complimenting you the next time (your loss!), this may cause them embarrassment too.

So how? Simple.

Thank You :)

When someone compliments you, simply say thank you and give a big toothy smile! No more, no less. But that doesn't just end there. Reflect on what is said to you, internalise it and feel good and confident of yourself!

Give Compliments

Rome, however, wasn't built in one day. You could start by giving compliments to others. Observe how they respond, and notice your immediate reaction to their response. Doesn't it feel better for someone to accept your compliment, as compared to them objecting or dismissing it?

Compliment Yourself

Besides complimenting others, you could give yourself some credit too! Made some effort to look good today? Tell yourself you are looking great. Put in much effort in that report at work? Give yourself a pat on the shoulder. When you learn to accept and even compliment yourself, you will be more accepting of others.

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