Laurie Taylor's Passion to Profits Online Course


Have you got a business idea that you believe will work? Are you passionate about something, and want to be make it a career?

Well, why not?

Turn your passions and ideas into your career and work for yourself. Jobs are not limited to being an employee, or freelancing. Entrepreneurship may be your calling.

Whatever ideas you have, find a selling point for it – and develop your business.

Thad Bong, our resident Life Coach guru, is hosting a free “Passion to Profits” class tonight online at HKT 10pm (that’s our timezone). He is inviting Laurie Taylor, an expert on leadership and business growth, to help you make your business possible.

Having taken a company’s sales figures from $250,000 to $12 million, Laurie is an accomplished Business Growth Specialist who is now dedicated to helping business owners start and grow.

Tonight, she will be covering some common questions, like:

  1. What is your advice for people who are venturing into business for the first time?
  2. Should people start a business based on their experience or their passion?
  3. Where does passion fit into the picture for people already in business?
  4. What are some common mistakes entrepreneurs make, and how they can avoid them?

This class is perfect for anyone thinking to start a business, have started a business or is interested in a business. Sign up for this one hour class at

If you have an appointment tonight you cannot miss, you can always listen to a replay of the class, and even download it right into your computer or iPod.

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