Doing Business with a Friend

Whether to give a friend a deal or engaging his services, or even going into a business together, there is bound to be a time when a decision has to be made. But before you enter into a professional relationship with a close one, consider these first.

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Hiring 101 - Selecting 'The One'

Hiring the wrong guy can be such a pain in the neck, and a costly mistake too. To avoid this, here are some tips to raise the odds of picking the right one in the last installment of our 'Hiring 101' series!

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Hiring 101 – WHERE?

In the fourth part of our 'Hiring 101' series, we share some places you could plaster your well-crafted job ad around.

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Hiring 101 – HOW?

Now that you have decided to hire, how do you actually go about doing it in a cost-effective and efficient manner? In the third part of our 'Hiring 101' series, you will find some tips and tricks to do just so.

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Hiring 101 – WHEN?

Being a small business owner or the boss of a start-up doesn't necessarily mean you have to be the only employee(s) of the company. Employees are not just the solution to too much work; they could drastically increase your bottomline if well-planned.

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