Is Private Tutoring Suitable for You?


With an ever-increasing pursuit of academic qualifications in Singapore, there is strong demand for private tuition to give students an additional boost to excel in the major examinations. This, too, explains the growing trend for fresh graduates to give private tuition in their spare time. 

Giving private tuition is definitely a good source of extra income for fresh graduates (most with sad paychecks). The hourly rates for a private tutor can be very attractive, considering the amount of time spent tutoring. You can earn good money as a tutor and still have available time for other activities. Taking just a few tuition assignments can help you generate a steady additional income stream.

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Have a Great Day at Work

Ever experienced a fruitful day at work whereby you finished everything you came entered the office for efficiently and effectively? For those who have, you would want to experience that great sense of satisfaction again. And for those who haven't, you really should start reading the list below on how to plan for one!

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Should I Quit my Job?

Has this question been popping up in your mind frequently? Or worse, it has been in your mind for the past year?

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Notes: When Going For A Job Interview

An interview gives you the opportunity to showcase your qualifications to an employer, so it pays to be well prepared. Here are job interview tips to help prepare you to interview effectively.

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Dressing for Casual Friday

Once a week, hemlines inch higher, black pants are traded for kakis, and a slight festive mood permeates the offices. For some, they even get served wine by their newest colleague at 4pm. Say hello to "Casual Friday" (also known as "dress-down Friday").

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