Time to Rise

Time_to_RiseBeen in the same position for what it seems like forever? Bored with what you are doing and feel ready to move up the corporate ladder? Sounds like it is time for a promotion.

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Transferable Skills

Transferable_SkillsWhile they may not be measurable and hence not given their due credit, transferable skills are especially useful and marketable in a mid-career change. They may also prove to be that important edge in an intense fight for a well-regarded position.

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How to Declutter your Resume

How_to_Declutter_your_ResumeFor every job, there are different needs and you will need to alter your resume, adjusting the skills and work experience descriptions within, in order to catch the hiring manager's eye. Here are some tips to do so.

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To Moonlight or Not?

To_Moonlight_or_NotThere comes a point in life that one would consider taking on something else on top of their work. It could be a hobby, a part-time course or even a second job to supplement your income. Especially now when times are bad and pay cuts are increasingly common, moonlighting looks even more attractive, isn't it? Here are some tips and considerations to help you in your decision.

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How to Survive Office Politics

Office politics is known to be one of the scariest career pitfalls anyone can meet with. Stay mum and people may say you have no views of your own or that you are snobbish. Respond in a wrong way and you get blamed for being a troublemaker. How really should one handle office politics then? Here are some tips. 

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