6 Simple Steps to Identify the Perfect Job

6_Simple_Steps_to_Identify_the_Perfect_JobCert in hand, you have finally graduated from the academic life. But what now? If you are feeling a little lost in your future like many of your friends would feel too, here are seven simple tips to finding the perfect career path for you.

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Presenting Well

Presenting_WellWhether to impress your boss or to keep your audience attentive, good presentation skills is a must. Create good slides with our few guidelines here!

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Four Common Obstacles to your Dream Job

Four_Common_Obstacles_to_your_Dream_JobAvoid or overcome these common obstacles to get your dream job!

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Gaining Work Experience

Getting_Work_ExperienceHaving work experience even before you graduate will not only make your resume look more attractive, it will also give you a better idea of what kind of jobs you would like to do as well as a chance to apply what you learnt in school to real-life situations. For those without much work history, there are still ways to obtain them!

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Why Did You Leave?

Why_Did_You_LeaveOne of the most commonly asked questions during an interview would be "Why did you leave your previous job?" – definitely a tricky one to deal with. Here are some tips on what to do and what not to say as you prepare for the big interview.

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