Interview and Image


Your image during an interview plays an important role in you clinching the job. It gives the interviewer his first impression of you and reflects non-verbal cues that may even subconsciously affect how they view your interview performance consequently.

Here are three aspects to your image you should take care of.

 First Impression

First impression matters. From what you communicate visually the first time you meet, interviewers will decide how to handle you. What constitutes of how the interviewers get their first impression of you includes your entry within the first five minutes such as a handshake and eye contact, and most importantly, your dressing. Dress sloppily and get the nonchalant attitude from your interviewers. Be confident and prepared, and a professional attitude will be returned.

Body Language

Next, how you engage in conversation with interviewers can be affected by the non-verbal cues you show and they will be subconsciously evaluated by them. Non-verbal cues are five times more telling and influential than the verbal language and hence, from your image, interviewers will be more affected than what you say or claim to be. Also, bad habits like shaking your leg, chewing your nails, drumming your fingers onto the desk and many others is a great turn-off although it does not necessarily indicate that you are a bad worker. 


It is important to project a positive attitude - confident but not arrogant. This can be done by being prepared with ample research done, giving an honest projection of your interest (as opposed to acting nonchalant) and actually looking forward to the chance of learning about the position you applied for. So, prepare yourself mentally before the interview and adopt a learning attitude.

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