The Four Steps to a Job

What are the steps to hitching that job? Here's an introduction to the world of job-hunting.

1. Appropriate Application

Even if you have extensive experience in engineering, it is not going to help you clinch that advertising job. Your experience must be relevant to the job you are applying for. Make sure that you meet at least 70% and above of the requirements and have the necessary credentials for them. If you are trying out a new industry, be sure that the job is open to entry level applicants. However, if a company asks for three years of experience but you have only two, go ahead. It really depends on how important these requirements are.

2. Cover Catch

In some cases where a company receives hundreds of applications, the cover letter is the key to getting your application noticed. It should have two to three specific examples of related job experience and/or skills. Here, applicants should be careful not to reiterate their resume but instead highlight their relevance. The cover letter should be short and sweet; a long cover letter can be so daunting that your resume may never be seen.

3. Right Resume

Your resume - a write-up of the work experience and skills you have not more than four pages - should illustrate how relevant you are to the company's needs in detail. While some companies look for cues in your resume for your personality, others look more at technical aspects such as grades, certain computing skills and knowledge. It really depends on what kind of industry you are looking at. For example, a design studio may require creative, interesting resumes with an impressive portfolio of your works rather than a wordy four-page long description of your background. When there is a tie between two candidates after an interview, interviewers may return to the applicants' resumes for a more objective assessment.

4. Insured Interview

Even with a splendid resume and an excellent cover letter, if you don't impress the interviewers, you won't get the job. As many interviews as you may be called up for, if you do not prepare well for the final lap, no job offers will come.

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