5 Tips for Fresh Graduates on How to Ace a Technical Interview

If you are just out of college and looking to overcome the first hurdle that comes between you and your start of a professional career, this article will come handy to know some of the ways how you can successfully ace a technical interview. 
Most of the times it is the fear of performance rather than the subject matter that haunt fresh graduates before any technical interview. You are a fresh graduate and companies do not expect you know everything; they just want to see how much confidence you have, how fast you can learn and your understanding on the topic. So when it comes to preparing for your dream job; whether it is a chance for a software job in Google, hardware engineering job in Apple or an engineering job in Synopsys, you have to always be at your best level to score on a career that will define your future. 
Here are five tips that will help in your preparation for a technical interview and will make it a walk in the park:
1. Prepare early and panic less
Practice and preparation are the two most important things that will determine your success in a technical interview. In most cases, you will get your interview schedule at least two weeks beforehand and this will give you a lot of time to prepare for the interviews. So, you will need to start early and make sure that you practice the related skills that are required in the technical interview. 
Preparing early also gives a confidence boost and this will reflect at the time of interview. When you prepare early, the questions will appear clear to you and you can answer the questions without any hesitation. Answering without any pressure is a positive thing and the interviewers will be impressed by your confidence.
Late night preparations lead to panic in the interview and you will appear sleepy or drunk in front of the interviewers. The door to your prospective career will shut even before you can progress in the next rounds of interview. 
2. Be well aware of the job profile and the company 
It happens a lot with fresh graduates; they do not take the job description and information related to the company seriously. This is a grave mistake and the interviewers will take notice of it. If you are appearing for a position that you do not know, it shows a lack of discipline and seriousness that is required of a candidate. 
It is also very important that you know a few important things about the company you will be interviewing for. Make it a habit to check out the company website before every interview you attend. It is common for companies to ask their candidates what they know about the company and if you are not able to say a line or two related to it, you can forget about getting the job.
3. Be careful while answering the questions
Technical interviews are not easy, even if you have the requisite skills. It takes just one question to ruin your entire interview. You have to be extremely careful while giving your answers. Take your time to understand the questions before answering them. You can also ask questions if you have not clearly understood the question. But in any case, do not make guesses. 
Remember, technical interview is all about testing your skills. So you need to be matriculate and impeccable on your answers. If you show your depth in understanding of the question in your answers, the interviewers will be more than pleased.
4. Try to add something to that you already know
It is always good to have extra knowledge and gives you an extra edge over other candidates. Suppose you are appearing for an interview that requires good PHP developers, but you also have a basic understanding of another programming language that will help you in this profile, it is going to prove advantageous. Companies are always looking for candidates that can provide them with value in the long run and hence this is going to make you stand out.
5. You will also need to have good soft skills as well
If you thought that just having good technical skills is enough to ace a technical interview, then you are wrong. You also need to have good communication abilities and other soft skills. It is really important in the corporate world that people understand your ideas and since you will be working in a team, you should be able to interact without any difficulties with your team members.
When it comes to interviews, it all depends upon how you perform at that moment. So do not worry too much and give your best. Even if you do not have a vast technical knowledge as the other candidates do, if you perform better at the interview, you will be a success. And since luck is also a factor; best of luck!
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