How NOT To Act During A Job Interview

We have read articles and heard advice from others about how you should conduct yourself during a job interview to raise your opportunities at clinching the job. But we rarely hear about how NOT to act during a job interview. We don't really know where to begin since there are so many things you should not do in an interview that an entire list would span a million pages long, so we break it down for you. Here are the four key points of what you shouldn't do in a job interview.
We think it is best and more comprehensible if we cited a real-life example to go along with the points. Jose Lopez from Southern California is a living, breathing example of the worse job applicant ever. Let us point out all the things Mr. Lopez did wrong in one particular interview that lowered his chances of getting the job.
1. Don't drink before going to an interview.
If you want to get wasted, do it after the interview where you can get shit-faced drunk, crawl up in a corner and cry about your pathetic life and eventually pass out due to all that hardcore sobbing. Mr. Lopez however, chugged a few glasses of booze before his interview and arrived drunk.
2. Don't get into a fight with the interviewer.
Getting into a fight with your potential employer is going to lower your chances of getting your dream job. When the interviewer smelled the alcohol on Mr. Lopez's breath and questioned him about it, Mr. Lopez who was obviously not prepared for any question that will be thrown at him during an interview, responded with punching the business owner. Always, always prepare to be asked different kinds of questions so that you don't panic and punch your interviewer when you have no answer to the question. Fighting is only ok if your interviewer initiates it especially if you are applying to be a bouncer, a wrestler fighter or a mafia kingpin's bodyguard.
3. Don't stab the interviewer.
When you lose a fight to your interviewer, don't resort to dirty tricks like kneeing him in the groin or stabbing him. Mr. Lopez's chances of getting the job went further downhill when he stabbed his potential employer in the arm after the boss got the upper hand and put Mr. Lopez in a headlock. This point also ties in with: don't bring a knife to a job interview.
4. Don't leave any evidence behind if hurt your interviewer.
If you couldn't help but to actually cause physical harm to your interviewer, remember not to leave anything behind that can be tracked to you. Mr. Lopez fled the building after stabbing his interviewer but didn't think of grabbing his resume when he made his get-away. The owner of the establishment then phoned the police and provided them with Mr. Lopez's full details. Mr. Lopez was then arrested in his home the next day on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Thankfully, the boss was not severely injured, he was admitted to a hospital for a minor stab wound.
Well that is the gist of it. We hope you have learned what not to do in a job interview. Share this helpful article with your friends so that they can avoid these simple mistakes and not lower their chances of getting their dream job. Happy job hunting and good luck for your interviews!
Information Source: NBCsandiego

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