Idea to Business Plan: Learn Everything about Entrepreneurship with Pamela Lim

Many people say that starting a business is extremely risky. Indeed it is. If the business does not do well and it folds, all that thousands of dollars spent invested in it will go down the drain. However, can you really achieve anything without risk? Like Mark Zuckerberg once said, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” If you have always wanted to start a business of your own but fear of failure has always been holding you back, perhaps you would like to take a leap of faith and learn about entrepreneurship from the best of the best; Pamela Lim, the first Singaporean to ever obtain a first level NASDAX-SGX listing approval.
A loving mother, a dedicated teacher and a business extraordinaire all rolled into one, Pamela is now conducting seminars to share her years of insight in the brutal world of business. She has won numerous entrepreneur awards in Singapore and the rest of Asia, including Top 10 Woman entrepreneur in 1999, The Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur in 2000 and Netrepreneur of the Year in 2001.
Pamela started a company with just three employees which grew into one that has business and operations in 7 countries. The company managed to get approved for dual-listing in NASDAQ and SGX, a commendable feat as it’s the first ever Singapore company to achieve a first level listing approval.
The previous time FreshGrads.Sg interviewed Pamela, she shared a whole bunch of remarkable acumen in education and business matters. She advises budding entrepreneurs that “Generally, to be successful, you need to find something you have passion in, don't be afraid to dream an impossible dream, aim high, and work ten times harder than the hardest working person you ever know, leave some money on the table, treat everybody like gold, love people and use things.”
Pamela's two-day seminar course coming this July promises to get you in shape for a great entrepreneurial journey ahead. The road to success has never been an easy one, but with determination and perseverance, and maybe a little bit of guidance from Pamela, anyone with the right mind and spirit could become a successful entrepreneur. Just check out the testimonials of people who have made it in the business world thanks to Pamela's classes here. Some of them were even covered in print media here.
Participants will learn from Pamela's many years of research, tap on her own entrepreneurial journey and leverage on the same pedagogy she has deployed teaching in universities for more than a decade. Pamela will also share with you the same resources and research that have inspired hundreds of her students to become successful entrepreneurs. However, results are not guaranteed. If you pay attention in her course, you will simply be equipped with the tools required for you to progress with success, the rest is left up to you to make history.
These seminars were restructured specially by Pamela to save you time without you having to spend the months learning these vital skills. There will only be one series from 5 July to 6 July 2014, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Early birds who sign up before 20 June is able to attend the course at $900, while the usual price from 21 June onwards will cost $1,200.
Pamela believes that everyone, rich or poor should have the equal opportunity to learn from her. For jobless Singaporeans with a family income of less than $2000, Pamela is very kindly inviting them for the same quality instructional course free, as she believes that they should not be deprived a chance to restart their lives just because they can't afford the course's fees. All she asks in return is that they contribute back to the society and create more jobs for those who were once in their shoes before they became successful. You may email Pamela at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you or anyone you know of need this scholarship.
Click here to learn more or sign up for Pamela Lim's entrepreneur seminars in July 2014.
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