7 Great Questions To Ask Your Job Interviewer

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Job interviews can be nerve-wrecking and tough especially when you take into consideration how your job application was short-listed among the hundreds who applied, and you only get one chance to get this right when you are called down for the interview. The best thing to do before going for your interview is to do your homework on the company to make sure you know the basics of what they do. You should also be prepared for the questions they are going to ask; see Most Asked Job Interview Questions. Nearing the end of your interview, your interviewer will most likely ask you if you have any questions for him/her regarding the job. Now this is tricky, because to say no could mean that you can't really be bothered about finding out more about the job, but also saying yes could allow your interviewer to assume that you probably did not do your homework. So these are the top 7 questions that have been posed to interviewers that you can use to blow yours away.
The following 7 questions are not to be confused with what interviewers ask job candidates. Instead, these are the questions that the candidates asked the hiring managers.
1. “What is an example of a client challenge you have recently faced?”
This is a great question to ask because you can show off your resourcefulness and problem-solving skills by telling them how you would tackle the challenge that they faced.
This question was posed to Amy Ogden, Director of Marketing and Development for J Public Relations.
2. “Where do YOU see the company going in the next year? 10 years?”
Apart from giving the interviewers a taste of their own medicine for asking us “Where do you see yourself in 5 years”, it also shows that you are interested in the progress of the company. Be warned though, this question could come off as insolent.
This question was posed to Brandon Seymour of Beymour Consulting who said that the question actually stumped him.
3. “Can I work in the call center for a few weeks to get a sense of your donors' needs?”
The position was for a senior business manager, and the candidate actually wanted to work from the bottom to better understand the company and its donors which shows his intense dedication.
This question was posed to Robert Moskovits, VP of Business Development at Kars4Kids Charity who said that he was blown away when the candidate asked him that.
4. “What is the question you all really want to ask me but haven't?”
This question was posed to Aaron Basko, Assistant VP for Enrollment Management and Career Services Salisbury University who remarked that, “This was a brilliant question because it encouraged the committee to tips its hand about the concern we all had about the candidate, which gave him a chance to address it.”
5. “What impact would I have on the team if I get hired?”
This question was posed to Mazin Abou-Seido, Director of Information Technology at Halogen Software who was impressed that “The candidate was already thinking about what success would look like in the role.”
6. “I have been looking at your social media presence and I can see that your brands have been more active over the past few months. Has your strategy changed?”
This question was posed to Heidi Ferolito, HR Director of Talent Acquisition and Retention for World Travel Holdings who said that “Clearly they had done their research and were already thinking about marketing our brands.”
7. “What would make someone really successful in this role?”
This question was posed to Ashley Verrill, Content Strategist at Software Advice which made him think of the candidates as “A-players” who want to “blow everyone out of the water.”
These awesome 7 questions can be used to score major points with your interviewers, however be sure to only use them in the right context and if you actually know what you are talking about.
Information Source: I Am Bored
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