25 Weird Interview Encounters in Singapore

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We have all explored and did some research on what we would expect in a job interview from the interviewer. However, interviewers do not really have the luxury to prepare themselves on what they would come across in the interviewees.
An online study was recently carried out in 2012 by JobsCentral among 396 managers and HR personnel where they recounted their weirdest encounters with job candidates. The following list is the consolidated top 25 most peculiar things that have happened during the interview.
1. Interviewee doodled on his resume while answering and talking to the interviewer.
2. Interviewee brought along all the trophies he won since his schooling days.
3. Interviewee showed up for the interview in a Hawaiian shirt and a hat. Probably started and ended the interview with an “Aloha”.
4. Interviewee answered her phone halfway through the interview and decided that then and there would be the most appropriate time and setting to instruct her mother how to cook a dish over the phone.
5. Interviewee stalked female interviewer at the staff entrance.
6. Interviewee was constantly sucking on his thumb whenever he was not speaking.
7. Interviewee was intently staring at the interviewer with his mouth agape throughout the entire interview.
8. Interviewee brought along her 7-year-old brother whom she was babysitting.
9. Interviewee talked about her family problems and started crying.
10. Interviewee meticulously laid out her stationary on the interview table.
11. Interviewee insisted that only the CEO could interview him.
12. Interviewee started belting out the national anthem and refused to stop.
13. Interviewee tried to ask the interviewer out on a date.
14. Interviewee brought her mother to sit in with her for the interview.
15. Interviewee whispered to himself when answering questions.
16. Interviewee consistently played with the 3cm long nail on the last finger.
17. Interviewee burst out laughing at every single sentence the interviewer managed to say.
18. Interviewee refused to shake hands.
19. Interviewee was at the reception counter but called and claimed to be ill.
20. Interviewee asked for a hug.
21. Interviewee arrived at the office only to use the toilet. He left after that without even sitting in for the interview.
22. Interviewee kept glancing around the office while being interviewed as if looking for someone.
23. Interviewee sat as still as a statue during the interview. The only movements he made were eyeball movements.
24. Interviewee excessively combed her hair during the interview.
25. Interviewee expressed extreme excitement over everything the interviewer said.
Wow. There are A LOT of eccentric people in Singapore. Eccentric, clueless and bat-shit crazy. I wonder if any one of them actually got offered a job.
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Information Source: Singapore Business Review

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