Tips for the New

The first day, or week, at work often unsettles one. Not for fear of the incompetence at work, but not being accepted by colleagues, defying company culture or unwittingly stepping on your superior's toes. How then does one cope? Here are three tips for the newbies.


The first thing one should do upon stepping into the office is not to point out all that should be changed or improve. Instead, observe the company culture and you may realise why such improvements have not already been made. Being too eager on the outset without understanding the situation may seem obnoxious rather than enthusiastic.

Also, be sure to spend time with your colleagues. Start with small talks during coffee breaks and join in during lunch hours. You could find out more about the do's and don'ts of the office as well as gain you some useful allies when pushing for a project in the future.

Avoid Pitfalls

There are several pitfalls especially badmouthing your previous employer and colleagues. No matter how well you click with your new colleagues, never speak ill of the old. There are also new rules at a new workplace. Follow them until you have proven yourself capable of improving them. 

Achieve Good Impression

Always dress on the safe side, even for dress down Fridays, at the start of your new job. Later, adjust your dressing to suit the rest of the team for you should be sure to work with the team. While it is good to stand out, project confidence and prove yourself worthy of a promotion, time plays a part here. You don't want to offend any of your colleagues who might have already put in months and even years of hard work.

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