Presenting Well

Presenting_WellWhether to impress your boss or to keep your audience attentive, good presentation skills is a must. Create good slides with our few guidelines here!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We know you have heard this a million times – but it's still true! Pictures help capture attention, and should relate to the point you are trying to make for that particular slide. Make sure they are of good quality and, as much as possible, not infringe any copyrights. Limiting yourself to one image per slide would be a good rule of the thumb.

Visualise Numbers

Statistics are good to prove your point. But really, when one faces a pile of numbers on screen, you automatically switch off. Make full use of charts and graphs to tell what the numbers reflect. Present your analysis through these graphics, and not the raw data.

Three's a Crowd

Images, text, graphics, charts and other elements. Do not have more than three different elements on each slide. If you find yourself with more than three, they are likely to vie for attention and you will end up confusing your audience.

Fond of Fonts

Choose clean and simple fonts such as Arial, Helvetic or Times News Roman. Sans serif fonts are great for business presentations for they do not take the attention away from the text or data. Try not to have more than two types of font on each slide.

Bullet Proof

Bullet points are good, but refrain from shooting everything in sight. Extract key words or phrases and explain the details – that's what you are there for. In summarizing a slide, it is handy to simply repeat the bullet proofs i.e. the key words.

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