Gaining Work Experience

Getting_Work_ExperienceHaving work experience even before you graduate will not only make your resume look more attractive, it will also give you a better idea of what kind of jobs you would like to do as well as a chance to apply what you learnt in school to real-life situations. For those without much work history, there are still ways to obtain them!


Let everyone you know be aware that you are looking for a job and are willing to work for experience. Rather than limiting your search to just your own circle of friends, it is always good to have more hands, or eyes and ears in this case, to help.

Take this time to meet up with old friends, schoolmates and relatives. Sit down and have a discussion with them on your strengths and possible routes you may take. Who knows, they might just have the job for you!


Help is always needed somewhere. Why not gain some experience while doing good? You could volunteer your services at a charity or community organisation. There are a variety of tasks to be done and they could range from office jobs to hands-on outdoor activities, or ad-hoc projects to those that may last up to a year or two.

Besides gaining experience while doing volunteer work, this would add some plus points on your resume, especially if the company you are going to apply for a job with shares the same altruistic vision too. Also, people usually work for free only if they are passionate about the cause or they enjoy doing that particular work. You could use this point to highlight your passion as well as experience when you head for an interview eventually.

Work experience does not necessarily have to be obtained one by one and on a full-time basis. Such could be gained from part-time, vacation or freelance work, or even a one-off internship. In fact, if you had worked somewhere while you studied, the experience might count for more than you think. For example, waitressing may earn you the soft skill of interpersonal communication with clients and this may be included in your resume.

If nothing comes up in mind, you could simply begin now. Talk to your friends and volunteer somewhere today!

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