Why Did You Leave?

Why_Did_You_LeaveOne of the most commonly asked questions during an interview would be "Why did you leave your previous job?" – definitely a tricky one to deal with. Here are some tips on what to do and what not to say as you prepare for the big interview.

Never Badmouth

Even if you left your previous employment in extreme bad terms, never badmouth your ex-boss. The hiring manager or interviewer will be wondering if you would be speaking ill of of them if you get the job and eventually leave it. Also, it is just as bad if you insulted one of the company's clients or unknowingly the interviewer might just be a friend of who you just insulted.

Demonstrate Willingness to Learn

At best, use this question as an opportunity to portray your eagerness to take on new challenges rather than being unhappy with the past. For example, you were looking at growth or opportunities to take on greater responsibilities but your previous company didn't have any room for that.

However, be careful with this answer. You wouldn't want to leave the interviewer with the impression that you get bored quickly and change jobs frequently. Be sure to emphasize on your desire to stay long term in this job you are interviewing for. 

Time for a Change

If you have been in your previous job for almost a decade, it is reasonable to be honest to reveal that you need a change without looking flighty. Still, show that it is a carefully weighted choice and you are looking forward to a long and fruitful career at the new company too.

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