Time to Rise

Time_to_RiseBeen in the same position for what it seems like forever? Bored with what you are doing and feel ready to move up the corporate ladder? Sounds like it is time for a promotion.

Having said that, a promotion does not simply mean better pay and more people to boss around. It is added responsibility and, if taken up when you are not ready, it will be a dreaded source of stress.

Is there even an Opportunity?

Are you in the right job, position or company? Is your job the stable yet dead-end? Your position has to have a reasonable progression route that you can see and be encouraged by. However, just that itself is not enough. A growing company offers much opportunities for growth whether in your current position or in others that may have you interested. So, consider this, and if the answer's a straight no. You might want to check out our articles on switching jobs instead.

Performing Well

Performing well in your current position may not necessarily get you a promotion but not performing well will definitely cost you that promotion. Identify your weaknesses and overcome them. There is no shortcuts for this; only good performers deserve that promotion.

Making Sure it Shows

Not only you have to be good at your job, you have to look good doing it too. So what if you work twice the speed of your colleague but you arrive two hours late for work? This reflects badly on you. Also, even if you are getting a MC for that late worknight out, never ever let it on with your immediate colleagues and especially your boss. No one would respect the slacker, much less think he or she deserves that promotion.

Have a Clear Goal

Only when you have a clear goal, you may develop a good plan to work towards it. Your boss and colleagues can also tell when you are consistent in advancing towards that goal. Not only will opportunities then be identified for you, you will also be associated to successes in relation to your goal. Yes, you will get your due recognition; no one can assign that job well done to luck any longer.

Fail to Plan = Planning to Fail

Now that you are clear of your goal, plan specific milestones and set deadlines for them. You may also wish to share this with your boss – this makes your progress measurable and hence substantial reason for negotiating that promotion.

Make Your Wishes Known

If you have done all of the above, and objectively fulfilled your role as a hardworking, capable employee who has attained all expectations and deserves a promotion, then it should be time to lay out the cards. By then, if your boss is unable to give good reason(s) why he or she cannot promote you, perhaps it is high time to move on to greener pastures. After all, you are well placed to do so.

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