Transferable Skills

Transferable_SkillsWhile they may not be measurable and hence not given their due credit, transferable skills are especially useful and marketable in a mid-career change. They may also prove to be that important edge in an intense fight for a well-regarded position.

Transferable skills are the know-how gained from experience, be it through school, work or volunteering, that could be applied across industries and even job scopes. For example, event-planning skills, the ability to motivate your subordinates, multi-tasking, time management, or even the ability to speak foreign languages.

How do you find out what transferable skills you have gained? You could pay for self-assessment tests or simply ask your colleagues and friends for an idea. And upon finding out the transferable skills you have, match it to a career that would best utilise and highlight these strengths.

Other than listing your job scopes and experience in a chronological order, these skills could be highlighted in your resume or subtly brought up during an interview. Employers appreciate such skills as it illustrates potential as well as add value to the workplace and other colleagues. So do share them!

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