How to Declutter your Resume

How_to_Declutter_your_ResumeFor every job, there are different needs and you will need to alter your resume, adjusting the skills and work experience descriptions within, in order to catch the hiring manager's eye. Here are some tips to do so.

1. Be Sure of your Goal

Which industry are you looking at? Which job scope and role are you intending to achieve? Take some time to sit down and decide after talking to seniors or friends who has been or are in the role.

If you are open to more than one industry and job scope, be clear about them and organise them into categories so you may create resumes relevant and best suited to send in. If possible, narrow down to only three. Any more would actually mean you are not focused and sure.

2. Make Use of your Cover Letter

Your cover letter is a condensed version of a summary of why you are well-suited for the job and should be be given a chance to be interviewed. List down the top 5 specific reasons to come to mind and back them up with relevant projects, awards or work experience. Do not go into detail; leave them for the actual resume.

3. Start on a Clean Slate

Now, put in first, the timeline of jobs you have been in your entire working life. Put in key descriptions of each job and highlight aspects of the job that are relevant to the current job you are applying for. Give more airing time to periods that would help you clinch the new job, while condensing those that are irrelevant. Focus on accomplishments such as completed projects rather than job scopes and responsibilities.

4. On Education

For fresh graduates, you need only feature your last two education levels. For the experienced, you could simply put your highest qualifications achieved.

5. Filter

Now, think, what would the employers want to see in your resume? That would be, why should I pick you? What proven experience or credentials do you have? Would you or could you do it for me? All these questions should be answered in no more than two pages.

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