Common Mistakes to Avoid on your First Job

Congratulations! You finally land that dream job of yours! But now, the real work begins: Besides having to do well on your job, you have to make sure your work is recognised and maintain a good relationship with your colleagues. So, to help you out, here's four of the most common pitfalls to avoid on your first job.

1. Ordering changes immediately

While it is good to take the initiative, the work and systems that have been set in place have been developed over a long period of time and it might be presumptuous and even offensive to the seniors who set them up before you. Observe quietly for a month or so, and learn the background for the systems in place before you make your suggestions for improvements.

2. Ignoring your colleagues

You wouldn't want to risk appearing snobbish in front of your colleagues, or overly friendly either. So, introduce yourself to your immediate colleagues as well as those that you stand a chance working with. Just a polite "Hi, I'm So-and-so. I'll be working here from now on. Hope to work well with you." will suffice. Also, give a polite smile when glanced at. That said, this doesn't mean you could simply ignore those not "of use" to you. It doesn't hurt to be nice to the cleaners or the technicians. Who knows, you might need their help one day!

3. Being passive

Sure, you finish your work promptly but that doesn't mean you can sit there texting your friends or checking your Facebook news feed while waiting for new work to come in. Rather than waiting in your cubicle waiting for instructions to be handed down to you, let your supervisor know that you are done and that you are ready for more instructions. Also, ask for feedback of your work. Quantity doesn't mean quality.

4. Do your own stuff

As mentioned in point 1, pay careful attention to your surroundings. At least for the beginning, imitate the behaviour of those around you. For example, is it okay to bring in your iPad to take notes during a meeting? Or can one pop in their headphones while typing away? Conform to your work environment until you are comfortable and fit well in before you start testing out some changes...!

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