Is Private Tutoring Suitable for You?


With an ever-increasing pursuit of academic qualifications in Singapore, there is strong demand for private tuition to give students an additional boost to excel in the major examinations. This, too, explains the growing trend for fresh graduates to give private tuition in their spare time. 

Giving private tuition is definitely a good source of extra income for fresh graduates (most with sad paychecks). The hourly rates for a private tutor can be very attractive, considering the amount of time spent tutoring. You can earn good money as a tutor and still have available time for other activities. Taking just a few tuition assignments can help you generate a steady additional income stream.

With the right attitude and preparation for lessons, tutoring can both be fun and very rewarding. But before you dive straight into private tutoring, you should take note of the following things:

1. Be prepared to commit to a regular schedule for your tuition lessons

Giving tuition requires the tutor to commit to a predictable and regular schedule for tuition lessons. For example, you will be expected to be at your tutee’s home every Saturday morning at 10am, rain of shine. 

This would be fair to both the student and the tutor. Inevitably, some lessons might be rescheduled due to unique circumstances, but in general, lessons should follow a relatively predictable schedule.

2. Have a strong grasp of the content and syllabus for the subjects you intend to teach.

You will need to have a strong understanding of the syllabus and relevant concepts for the subjects you want to tutor in. Knowing what the key requirements are for the subject would help you to tutor the student more effectively.

3. Be interested in what you are teaching

Having an interest in what you are teaching will naturally help to infuse that same level of enthusiasm and interest to your student towards that subject. The most effective form of learning takes place when the student has a strong interest in the content and is self-motivated to find out more.

4. Suit your teaching method to the learning style of your student

Every student is unique, with different learning styles and capabilities. As a tutor, it is essential for you to identify the specific learning style of your student and modify your teaching methods accordingly. For example, if your student picks up information better using diagrams, use mind-maps and pictorial representations to explain the necessary concepts.

5. Prepare the relevant materials needed to conduct the tuition lesson.
You should always prepare the necessary materials needed for each lesson. This would help you to conduct your lessons in a structured way and also makes it easier for the student to understand and follow what you are teaching.

6. Have a genuine interest to help your student improve

This is the most important thing to take note of. You should sincerely want to help your student achieve his or her maximum academic potential in the subject. This would help make tutoring fun and fulfilling as well.

If you are good with the few points mentioned above, the next step would be registering as a tutor at a tuition agency, which will require proof of your qualifications, preferred teaching subjects & location, availability and fee rates. After which, the tuition agency will inform you of available tuition assignments that match your stated requirements. Once you indicate your interest, the agency would contact you again if the client selects you to be the tutor for that assignment.

Remember, giving tuition not only rewards you financially, but mentally as well. Having that sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you see your student improve in his academics and achieve his desired goal at the end of the day is simply priceless.

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