Should I Go to Work when I'm Sick?

So you are feeling under the weather. You have two choices: stay home, relax and sleep your day away, or grind your teeth and bring the germs to the office. We say, be considerate and choose the former. Here's our reasons why and how to do it right.

No matter how indispensable we are, we cannot and should not meet clients when we are not feeling well. Who can look professional and perform their job to the best of their ability while blowing their noses? While it may show how responsible you are, sending a sick representative may send the wrong signals to your clients. For one, it may reflect the lack of a backup plan and support from your team.

Also, by reporting to work when you are sick, we increase the likelihood of infecting our colleagues and even clients. For some professions, such as a bus driver, it is pertinent that you do not work when you are unwell.

What's worse, if your bug was caught from your colleague, all the more you should stay home and stop the virus there and then instead of further contributing to the domino effect. Remember, flu viruses that are at most inconvenient to the young adults may be fatal to the older ones. Be considerate; do not pose a health risk to your colleagues!

Some may disagree with my choice here. What if my boss takes this chance to fire me? Help could be found with Ministry of Manpower – an employee is entitled to sick leave when he obtains a medical certificate. What if my colleagues get mad at me? As long as you don't often fake it, your colleagues have no reason to suspect you. But do your part and stay home instead of heading down to Universal Studios.

But before hitting the bed, get your certification from the doctor's and call in to inform your colleague as well as to hand over urgent stuffs. Your colleague should be able to tell that you are unwell but do apologise for the inconvenience caused. And if you wish, offer a meal as a thank-you to ensure there's no hard feelings.

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