Onward the Path of Passion

In the busy, cosmopolitan city of Singapore, it is no surprise that many of us are so caught up with life and its many responsibilities that some of us have yet the time to sit down and think what we really would like to do. Or has the thought of who do you want to be 10 years down the road crossed your mind? This question is as valid to a 10 year old as it is to someone two or three times his age; discovering our passions and pursuing it is the way to happiness. Here's some tips to guide you to your passion, if still latent.

Some people are fortunate – or unfortunate – enough to meet with a life-changing experience that brings them to attention their hidden passion or even talent. However, for the rest of us, we will have to take conscious, deliberate steps towards enlightenment.

Spend some time alone

Spend sometime away from the influence of others and the pressures from family to suss out the real feelings within you. The time alone and away from work should give you enough time and space to think.

If it is not possible to avoid your friends and family in tiny Singapore, you could try a solo trip to a nearby island like Bali or Bintan.

Blast from the past

So, how do I get started? Look into your past for clues. Write down things that have intrigued you and experiences that are unforgettable. Think why have you not revisited them? Is it for practical reasons like having to take up a job that pays better? Or have you simply forgotten about them?

Zoom down to a few areas of interest, weigh the pros and cons, and evaluate some possibilities that you can imagine yourself doing for the rest of your life.  

Question yourself

Well, if nothing in particular interests you enough, you just got to dig deeper. Go to the present. What keeps you going everyday? Which aspect of your job do you like most? What do you first think of doing when you have time during the weekends? Again, make a list, do a search online and find out how these interests or hobbies may be monetised or made professions?

Talk to friends

Cover those blindspots with the help of your friends. Set up one to one sharing sessions to help uncover your passions. Ask them questions like what makes me light up? What do you think are my strengths and weaknesses? What talents and abilities do you think I have? Remember, be open to what they say, even if it differs from what you think. They are just offering another perspective – and it may be one that would change your life.

Test waters

It would be foolhardy to quit your job immediately and just dive deep into your passion.  Some passions – usually interests and hobbies – are meant to stay just that, be it due to a lack of demand or professional skills. To this end, begin with gradual changes. Take a part-time course to further your skills, volunteer your services to build up your portfolio, or freelance with relevant organisations. You will then be able to sense if this works or not.

And if all fails, do not feel discouraged. As the cliched saying goes, learning is a life-long journey. Instead, be more conscious of your daily choices, enjoy them and you will slowly but surely figure it all out.

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