Office Party Do's and Don'ts

It's time for the annual office Christmas party! Great food, relaxed atmosphere and no work – think you could let your hair down? Think again.

While office parties might be a great opportunity to network and have fun with your co-workers, there are also often embarrassing stories for some employees. What's worse, with the popularity of social media now, you wouldn't want that picture of a drunk you to tarnish the clean, professional look you have been working on.

So, read on to avoid being the talk of your workplace with our office do's and don'ts.

Show Face

You may not be the best of friends with your co-workers but it's always a good idea to turn up – it shows that you are part of the team. Similarly, don't leave the office party too soon even if it might be the most boring party you have ever attended. Think of it as an essential part of your job and make the best of it.

Dress Appropriately

Preparation starts even before you step into the party. Sure, this is a party with no signs of work but do remember that it is still in a professional setting. If it is a themed party, choose an outfit that is fitting but not demeaning. If it is not, dress safe by keeping clear of low necklines and mini-skirts and maintain that professional image in your bosses' minds.  

Drink in Moderation

The lack of control is the number one cause for embarrassing office party moments. The night is young (and might even be considered long for some) so drink in moderation, sipping your champagne occasionally and only allowing refills after some food to settle the stomach. Also, know your limits: if three glasses and you are out, you might wish to stop at two or even one. Remember: there are alternative beverages like water, soft drinks and even green tea.

Watch your Language but Don't Talk Shop

Here is also why excessive drinking is a no-no. The office party is where you get to know your boss better and establish connections with him. Making intelligent, if not coherent, conversations is the point of you being here at the party. This is, of course, opposed to poking fun at his wig or bright orange shirt. And needless, to say swearing is definitely frowned upon.

However, talking shop should be avoided at all costs. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; avoid presenting yourself as an office bore! Get to know your boss and colleagues beyond work – asking about their hobbies is always a safe place to begin.

Don't Hit on your Colleague

The office party is always a good time to touch base with people you rarely talk to, including your boss, but never the place to find a partner. At least not at the office party for all to see and not at all for companies with strict policies on office romances. You wouldn't want to jeopardise your career or hers. Worse, you wouldn't like to become the talk of the office the next working day.

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