Sourcing for Jobs in Singapore

It is hard, especially in this economy to get a job. Whether you’re a graduate from a Polytechnic or from the University, jobs that suit your qualification and the type of career you want may be increasingly hard to find.

However, with an improving economy, rising employment rate, and more help given to job seekers all over Singapore, you still have a good chance of finding the one. Here's some tips to form your game plan.

Applying for Jobs Online

If you’re having trouble looking for a job, know this, Singapore is chock-full of job agencies and you can start your search for a job right at home. and JobsCentral are some examples of online job services that help you find jobs without having to go through the hassle engaging an agency or spending much time pouring over the newspaper.

Application is easy for these online portals, most provide a simple form to fill out. Your usual demographic statistics will be required as well as your academic qualifications. They are also likely to ask for your preferred industry, your interests and your field of study. Based on your information, they then provide you with a selection of jobs that meet your criteria or that you might be interested in.

While finding a suitable job is pretty simple online, the difficult part is actually getting the job and getting the employer to call you back.

The trouble with searching for a job online is that there are millions of others eyeing the same jobs you want, so you need to make yourself stand out.

So what’s going to make you stand out? Your cover letters and resumes.

It is extremely important to have a resume that stands out, and because employers are sent resumes through email, they will look at the title of your resume first. Because it is easier to submit online, you have to make it extra eye-catching, short, and catered to whatever you think the employer is looking for.

Also, be sure to have more than one resume and several cover letters. You want to be seen as perfect for a certain job so don’t be lazy! You have to customise your cover letters and resumes for the employers. For example, don’t send a resume that’s heavy with F&B jobs to an employer looking for an admin assistant.

Job Agencies

If the world wide web is not for you and you prefer a more personable avenue, you could try job agencies.

Job agencies such as Recruit Express and Kelly Services do everything for you. They source for the job, they match you up with what you want and what you’re qualified for.

One of the advantages of job agencies is that they work quicker and it is a lot more likely that you will get a job through them rather than through sourcing for one on the internet.

This is because job agencies deal directly with the HR departments of the various companies. Hence, you can be assured that your resume goes to the company you’re looking for.

Not to mention the fact that you would only need to prepare one resume and leave the rest up to the agent.

However, this easy service comes with a price. Most agencies will take a cut from your first month’s pay or if you’re a part-timer, they may take a cut from your hourly salary.

Gone are the days of sealing your resumes in envelopes and sending them out to hundreds of companies. Now with job agencies and online services, it is all the more convenient and easy to get set for an interview.

What is your preference? Would you rather go DIY, or have it quick but at a high price? Or would you do it both ways? No matter what, procrastinate no more and get started!

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