Rest, Reflect & Relax

After hours, days, months of planning, rushing around and executing, your event or project is finally over. It is finally time for you to breathe easy and go for that long-awaited massage.

But wait!

Before you chuck that file away, there is something that you have to do first: post event evaluation.

Why, you ask?

Firstly, you learn better by experiencing & evaluating the success of your event. Secondly, there is always room for improvement. Last but not least, post-event evaluation helps you to streamline your thoughts and inspire new ideas for the future.

Let me share with you the 3 things that I usually practice:

1. Rest

After the event is over, I usually take a 24 hour reprieve to recharge. This is also a good day to sleep in and just gather your energy again. If you still need to work a day after the event, take a power nap or better yet take a half-day off for you to rest your brains, legs, arms, eyes, fingers, toes… you get what I mean. It is best not to overwork because your health is just as important too!

2. Reflect

After resting, take some time to review your event or project. If you’re not sure where to start, think – what went wrong, what went right, and what could have been done better – and write them down.

Share it with your team. Talk it out. Brainstorm, review, evaluate and keep the list safe so that in future, you know that these are the areas that you should improve on.

3. Relax

Unwind! Chill out! Paint the town red! Celebrate!

If you head the project with your co-workers, then it is time to reward your team and take them out for dinner. No work – just talk and have fun! Rewarding and bonding with your team is important to have them feel appreciated. It also gives a kind of a closure for the team and is a great opportunity to build bonds.

And that’s it – The three things you can do after an event or project ends.

Now you can put that event file away and take out a new file. Oh, and don’t forget to go for that therapeutic massage!

About the Authors: MUDD & NADD is made up of a group of events planners who identify themselves as Events Planning Sidekicks. As event sidekicks, their objective is simple – to plan & spread the love of events to others! This is done through their traditional events planning services (Events Planning Sidekicks), free daily events listings services (SG Things To Do Today), a day planning service and various events training programmes for youths (Events Sidekicks Youths).

Some of the projects that MUDD & NADD have been involved in include the Earth Hour Fun Cycle 2010, as a co-organizer for Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championships 2010 held in Singapore, as well as an assortment of school events and activities for MOE Schools. MUDD & NADD is also passionately involved in training students in events planning and management, having conducted related workshops for National Library Board (NLB) and various MOE schools. You could find them on their Facebook here.

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