Hiring 101 – WHERE?

In the fourth part of our 'Hiring 101' series, we share some places you could plaster your well-crafted job ad around.

Look Within

Especially for small businesses with less than five persons in a team, employees are an extremely important and crucial resource, you would want reliable hires with an aptitude that won't quit on you when the going gets tough or one that can actually walk his or her talk. This is only possible if you know the candidate personally… so why not draw up a list of friends, family or even friends of friends that you know fits the bill? Even if they already have a job, they may be just be interested enough to leave it to join you.


Following looking within your inner circle would be networking, also one of the best ways you can garner potential candidates for your vacancy. Spread the word when you meet up with your friends and family, ask if they know anyone who might just fit your bill and obtain possible referrals from them. You'll never know how amazing or well suited your friends' friends could be. However, be sure not to promise or mislead in any way that you will "reserve" the position for your friend's referral.

Job Sites and Listings

Just do a simple google online and you will find that there are countless job sites online like JobsCentral, Monster.com, and Jobs Street among many others, whether paid or unpaid. There are also classified ads, whether print such as with The Straits Times or online at ST701. These are venues that receive tremendous traffic. But do beware, this is likely to be a case of quantity over quality; you may need to sift through a mountain of irrelevant resumes for the couple few that will actually be good enough or simply suitable.

Recruitment agencies and head hunters

Lastly, for a fuss-free way to find the right fit, you may go to a recruitment agency or a head hunter, but this usually comes at quite a hefty price that is unsuitable for a new company. Hence, this is recommended only if you are hiring a management staff that you know quality candidates will not suffice through the other venues.

Now, hurry along and spread the word but be patient for news to spread!

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