Hiring 101 – HOW?

Now that you have decided to hire, how do you actually go about doing it in a cost-effective and efficient manner? In the third part of our 'Hiring 101' series, you will find some tips and tricks to do just so.

You have to first know if it is the right time to hire, how many people to hire, who to hire and what kind of help do you most require. If you have who idea at all, do check out the first two parts of our 'Hiring 101' series – When to Hire? and Who to Hire? – before you read on on how to actually proceed with the hiring process.

First up, decide the tasks you need the new hire to do. Write these down such as that they are as detailed as possible, and also include a rough gauge of how long they would reasonably take to complete these tasks. Now, read through and consider, as objectively as you can, if these could all be possibly done by one new hire. If not, you may wish to consider an additional hire, or find some way to delegate this task among existing employees.

Job scope aside, the attitude and character of a candidate is extremely important for start-up companies and small businesses. One important aspect or characteristic you might wish to include or look out for would be independence. Human resources are often stretched to the limit and there won't be extra staff or time to hand-hold new hires too much. In return, your business could offer them a more well-rounded learning experience and a closer working relationship among the small(er) team.

Finally, with reference to what your thought process above, you could start penning down a job ad. There are basically three parts to this:

1. A brief description of your company. You may also wish to include why you are hiring and what kind of personalities would best suit the corporate culture.

2. A Job Scope or Description. The main job tasks of the new hire should be included here in bullet form. Be as clear as possible and be sure to include essential duties but there is no need to go too much into details.

3. The Job Requirements or Preferences. Include here any essential job skills such as being Photoshop savvy, and the preferred qualities you would like in your new team member, for example, independence or a sociable character.

Now that you have all these done, you can start spreading the word and sending our your job ad before actually sitting down to interview hopefuls for the precious vacancy in your company!

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