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Combine your addiction to Twitter and your need for a job by finding a job on Twitter. When used effectively, there are people who have found jobs or job leads via Twitter. Here's how you might be one of them:

Your Profile

First, make your Twitter avatar look more professional or, at least, sane. This means no wacky photos unless you are looking for a job in the comedy field or the company is known to be extremely fun or liberal. Your bio here could also be likened to a crisp and concise cover letter.

Now, fill up those fields you have been lazy about – especially those on your interests and hobbies, past job experiences and affiliations. Better still, include a link to your online resume.

Your Tweets and Followers

Tweet your passion fervently! If you are looking for a job in public relations, chances are that you will be talking about trends in the field such as the advent of social media as a tool to engage the public for certain brands. This reflects well of you and demonstrates your passion for the field, especially if the recruiter has already noticed your presence on Twitter.

Following the Right People

Seems like "guanxi", or the importance of relationships, is reflected in the world of Twitter as well. It's about who you know or who you are associated with. If you are into the food industry, you will be following the likes of famous fellow bloggers or community sites such as Open_Rice or hungrygowhere. More often than not, job vacancies are spread by "word of mouth" and Twitter is one such outlet.

Besides following relevant people or organisations on Twitter, you could keep yourself updated on available job vacancies by following job recruitment agencies such as JobsCentral and INeedAJobSG.

But before you follow anyone blindly, check their bio, the linked website, their followers and following, and judge for yourself if they are a credible source or not.

Your connections on Twitter could lead you to find a job or be a surprisingly credible reference. However, the social media tool is no fast and easy way for you to find a job – it takes time to build a Twitter presence and, more often than not, should be done in tandem with traditional means such as through job recruitment agencies or signing up directly with the company of interest.

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