Have a Great Day at Work

Ever experienced a fruitful day at work whereby you finished everything you came entered the office for efficiently and effectively? For those who have, you would want to experience that great sense of satisfaction again. And for those who haven't, you really should start reading the list below on how to plan for one!

Set goals

As for success in any aspect of work and life, planning is essential. Write down what you have to do by the end day or, if you are more ambitious, what you hope to achieve for the day. Put that note somewhere you can see it. For example, write it on a post-it note and stick it at a corner of your work monitor.

Have a reasonable timeline

Now, writing down what you have to do doesn't mean you can finish everything on time. You have to set a reasonable timeline for completing the tasks. This helps one avoid stress – you will be less likely to miss anything out and suffer the aftermath panic attacks.

Besides, occasional overtime is unavoidable but if you plan for it, it wouldn't feel as unbearable. Imagine having to miss an appointment with a friend you haven't seen for a long time on top of having to OT? Double whammy. On the other hand, if you finish your work earlier than expected, you could reward yourself with some retail therapy for being so productive!

Start well

If this is going to be a challenging day or you are starting the day a little sleepy, start the day well by arriving early and, most importantly, with a positive attitude. Pick up a good breakfast sandwich, and coffee if you would like. Start with something easy to do like clearing your emails before embarking on the more challenging tasks.

Encourage yourself

Give yourself breaks in between little goals and tasks. It could be a quick trip to the bathroom or topping up at the pantry.

Be nice to someone

Be nice to a random colleague by asking if he or she would like coffee along the way to making yourself some (just make sure you don't ask your crush every single time; it will be too obvious!), or share your secret stash of snacks. The little break or small talk can help cheer you up. Besides, when you pay compliments or show your appreciation for something he or she has done for you, the person will often return the favour and you will feel good as well!

The battle is already half won when you decided you want to have a great day at work. Self-fulfilling prophesy, remember? And the rest could be realised with some good planning and determination.

Have a great day at work (tomorrow)!

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