Facing a Video Interview

Be it an interview for an overseas posting or as a portfolio for a job in the creative industry, job video interviews are on the rise, especially for the tech-savvy companies.

Candidates are often quizzed the same questions. Hiring managers may replay and review the interviews to better compare the candidates. What's more, the video interviews may be passed down to the direct supervisors for further review or selection without his being there. This saves the company time and makes it convenient for them.

Candidates, especially those who are camera shy, should prepare well for such interviews. It wouldn't do to lose out to another candidate just because you aren't yourself in front of a videocam. Plus, some interviewers will not let you know it is a video interview beforehand. You find out when you come face to face with a camera set-up.

Setting up

First, review all instructions for the camera set-up such as where to look and when to pause. If possible, take a look from the interviewer's point of view. You wouldn't want to sit slouched and appear as a talking head to your interviewer. Neither would you want to sit too high up, they will be staring right at your chest.

Glaze Confidently… into the Camera

Silly as it may seem, look right at the camera rather than the interviewer. This helps you be less nervous, and when the tape is reviewed, you would look more professional as well.

Practice Makes Perfect

Again, practice makes perfect and we should always practice before a camera to see how we appear on screen. Besides helping us gain confidence, some bad habits such as fidgeting, holding on to our pants and others will become obvious to you. It is also good to correct them for an interview, video or not. Afterall, you want to appear calm, collected and confident to the hiring managers, won't you?

And just for fun, here's Bruce Lee's video interview and audition for Kato on Green Hornet many years back. Will you be as calm, collected and confidently suave as he?

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