Interviews: Practice Makes Perfect

Interview: Practice Makes Perfect

The interview is the final and most important hurdle in your job search. Answering interview questions requires much skill and practice. Hence, advice for interviews have often included practicing for and running through interviews.

You will not want to memorise interview answers and reply interviewers in an impersonal manner. Neither will you want to practice bad habits, nor will you want to run the risk of being taken aback by an unexpected question.

So how do you practice, really?

 #1 Prepare for Practice

Come up with a list of interview questions - basic and industry-specific. Some sample interview questions may be found at General Interview Questions. Take some time to think through each question and prepare your responses for them.

#2 Full Dress Rehearsal

Make it a full dress rehearsal: dress up in your interview wear, set up the interview area to be as near as you might have the real thing and create a serious atmosphere for the practice. Keep friends and family, who may tease you for being too "kiasu", out of the area. By making it as near as it is to the actual interview, you will have less cause to panic in an unfamiliar office where it will be carried out.

#3 No Warm Ups

Simply start as if you were going for the interview; no warm up. From there, you will be able to find out all that may go wrong and hence work on these areas.

#4 Note the details

Go right down to details such as arriving ten to fifteen minutes before and experiencing the wait. Bring as little as possible with you. You will not want to be fumbling with your bag and other stuffs like your portfolio folder.

#5 Get a Friend Interviewer (not a friendly interviewer)

Get a friend with a serious face to assess you with the following points as a general guideline:
a. how is your dressing appropriate or not? are you properly groomed for the interview? (ties check, shirt well pressed, shoes shined…)
b. how convincing were your replies to questions? (take note of the "hmms" and "ahhs", note stumbles, incoherence, and perhaps that little tremble in your voice...)
c. what does your body language relate? (posture, eye contact, bad habits…)
d. overall impression you gave?

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